1. The vessel may only be rented by the person named in the contract, who must have the corresponding valid licence. In the event of not presenting the original licence required on the day of sailing, the full amount of the rental cost will be forfeited, unless we are able to rent out the reserved vessel under the same conditions to a different client.

  2. It is forbidden to exceed the maximum occupancy allowed according to the model of the rented vessel.

  3. The maximum speed established by the Marine Command in a port or within 200 metres of the coast is 3 knots. Exceeding the established limit is prohibited, as is the practice of water skiing or towing.

  4. It is prohibited to exceed the distance of one nautical mile from the shore.

  5. Designated swimming areas must be respected by always anchoring outside the beaches’ buoys marking and a safe distance must be kept from buoys and boats with a diver's flag.


  1. The lessee assumes all responsibility for any fine, sanction, injury caused or derived from the breach of any clause of this contract and/or for any infringements under Spanish and international laws in force and, specifically, laws against fishing, underwater fishing, searching for archaeological remains or breaching marine regulations during the validity of the contract.


  1. The vessel must be delivered and returned to the home port, Port de Ciutadella de Menorca. Handover shall take place from 10:00h and the vessel shall be returned at 18:30h, unless otherwise stipulated in the individual contract.


  1. The vessel must be returned, with all its equipment and in the same condition in which it was delivered, on the date and at the time stipulated in the contract. In the event of delay in returning the vessel or in the event of returning the vessel to a place other than that stipulated, the company will not return the deposit until the lessee pays all the expenses necessary, including the cost of time, for the vessel to be returned to the base port.


  1. The vessel must always be in its home port at night, or if necessary, in an approved mooring, though only if this has been communicated in advance to the company and the company has agreed to this arrangement. In case of such an agreement, the lessee is responsible for all costs and shall be liable for any loss or damage in its entirety, as well as for any losses to the rental company.


  1. The practice of water skiing or towing any type of floating device or similar is prohibited.


  1. The improper use of the vessel will entitle any person authorised by the company to appropriate the vessel without the right to a refund of the rental amount to the lessee.


  1. The rental price does not include fuel; the vessel will be delivered with a full tank and must be returned in the same condition. As a general rule, it is the hirer's responsibility to refuel the boat. If the fuel tanks are not returned full, the company will retain the deposit until the amount for the consumed fuel and the cost of filling the tank is paid.


  1. The rates include comprehensive insurance with excess. This excess will be different depending on the model of vessel, and the amount will be indicated in each contract.


  1. The propellers, sun awning and upholstery are completely excluded from the insurance of the vessel and the lessee is responsible for their care during the period of the contract.


  1. The insurance does not cover any damage caused to the vessel or its equipment due to negligence, misuse or lack of care during the term of the contract, hence any costs or damages, if any, shall be borne by the lessee.


  1. The lessee shall make a deposit by credit card before the beginning of the rental period, as a guarantee of the fulfilment of the general clauses and the fulfilment of the contract. This deposit will be returned at the end of the contract once the relevant checks have been carried out.


  1. The company assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss to any property left behind, stored or forgotten by the lessee or any other person, nor for anything stored or transported on the vessel, during or after the end of the rental. The lessee assumes the risk of such losses and exempts the company from any claims for the same and commits to not holding the company liable for any claims arising therefrom nor for any delays as a result of malfunctioning of the vessel, or even due to a possible change of the conditions at sea due to unforeseen meteorological causes once the vessel has been put to sea. In the event that the vessel is unable to return to port by its own means and requires assistance due to a mechanical fault, the client may only claim, on a case-by-case basis, up to a maximum of 50% of the amount paid. If the aforementioned case is due to meteorological conditions or any other reason beyond the company's control, the company shall not be liable for the refund of any amount.


  1. The company lets its vessels according to the current rates (VAT included in the price). Reservations will only be accepted if 25% of the total amount of the rental is paid upon booking and the hirer has completed and signed the reservation document as well as provided proof of his/her qualifications. Payments shall be made in advance, by bank transfer, in cash or by credit card. In the case of bank transfers and direct payment at the bank, the company will not be responsible for any possible commission or similar charges for the operation.


  1. The remaining amount shall be paid before the departure of the vessel when the contract is formalised.


  1. In the case of a possible cancellation due to personal reasons of the lessee, the company will charge:


- 10 % of the total rental cost if the cancellation is made up to 30 days prior to departure.


- 25 % of the total rental cost if the cancellation is made between 30 and 15 days prior to departure.


- 50 % of the total rental cost if the cancellation is made less than 15 days prior to departure.


- 100% of the total rental cost if the cancellation is made the day before or on the day of departure.


  1. In case of adverse sea conditions or a poor weather forecast, the company will recommend not sailing, as it could be a danger to the well-being of the passengers and will proceed to refund the amount of the reservation if the rental has not been postponed to another available day.
  2. In accordance with the current legislation on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that your data will be incorporated into the processing system owned by IAMO 2020 SL with CIF B16672818 and registered office at PASEO DE SAN NICOLÁS 163, 1º B, 07760, CIUTADELLA DE MENORCA (ILLES BALEARS), for the purpose of fulfilling the commitments arising from the contract signed between the two parties for the rental of the vessel. In compliance with current legislation, IAMO 2020 SL informs you that the data will be kept for the legally established period. With this clause you are informed that your data, if necessary, will be communicated to public administrations and to all entities with which communication is necessary for the purpose of providing the above-mentioned service. Failure to provide the data to the aforementioned entities means that we will not be able to provide the services covered by this contract. In turn, we inform you that you can contact the Data Protection Delegate of IAMO 2020 SL, by writing to the e-mail address info@nauticcoast.com or by telephone at +34 629 434 005. IAMO 2020 SL informs that it will process the data in a lawful, fair, transparent, appropriate, relevant, limited, accurate and up-to-date manner. Therefore, IAMO 2020 SL undertakes to carry out all reasonable measures to ensure that the data is deleted or rectified without delay when it is inaccurate. In accordance with the rights granted by current legislation on data protection, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, deletion, portability and opposition to the processing of your personal data as well as the consent given for the processing thereof, by sending your request to the postal address indicated above or to the e-mail address nauticcoast@gmail.com. You may contact the competent supervisory authority to lodge any complaint you deem appropriate. Finally, IAMO 2020 SL informs you that by signing this document you give your explicit consent to the processing of the aforementioned data.


  1. This agreement is governed by Spanish law and in the event of litigation, the Courts of Ciutadella de Menorca has jurisdiction.
  2. These conditions are a translation of the Spanish original, as published on http://nauticcoast.com/condiciones.php, and in case of a legal dispute the original Spanish version is the legally valid one.


The general rental conditions of the company IAMO 2020 SLU may be altered by COVID-19 Regulations, applicable during the rental period. These regulations prevail over any other, exonerating the lessee company from any liability for any modification of these conditions (number of places, schedules, security or any other).


The rental prices are per vessel model, not being subject to other circumstances that may be altered by the extraordinary situation of COVID-19.