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South beaches

Located 14 kilometers from Ciutadella, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca. Inside the main cove two small coves are formed, one to the north called Cala Macarella and the other to the east, called Macarelleta for its diminutive in “menorquín”. This virgin and isolated cove is U-shaped, surrounded by tall cliffs flanking, and covered with leafy pine forests.

Macarella y Macarelleta

It is a cove located in the south of the municipality of Ciutadella. Its name is due to the fact that the Turks used to disembark when they stopped in Menorca. It is part of an area of special interest (ANEI), houses one of the most beautiful virgin coves of the island of Menorca. This paradisiacal beach with fine white sand, a sandy bottom and crystal clear shallow water, is well protected from the north winds, thanks to the pale cliffs that surround it, covered by a thick pine forest.

Cala Turqueta

Cala Mitjana is a small natural bay that is located in the southwest of the island of Menorca, in the municipality of Ferrerías. It is a cove of fine white sand, surrounded by pine trees.

Cala Mitjana

It is a beach located on the south coast of Menorca. It belongs to the municipality of Ferrerías. In its environment there are two urbanizations, separated by the Torrent d'Algendar: Cala Galdana, belonging to Ferrerías, and Serpentona, which belongs to Ciudadela, both built during the tourist development of the 60s. It is a very safe beach for bath thanks to its shell shape.

Cala Galdana

Sa Cova dels pardals is a cave at sea level with access by stairs. Just above the cave there is a small house built with a trapdoor, through which in its time it communicated with the cave. The cave was formerly used by fishermen on the island, as well as for smuggling tobacco, coffee and soap in times of scarcity after the war.

Cova dels Pardals

North beaches

Located to the North of the municipality of Ciudadela, in Menorca. It is classified as a Special Protection Area for Birds by the European Union and Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI) by the Parliament of the Balearic Islands. It is a totally virgin beach that offers crystal clear waters and exceptional sea beds. To the east of this beach you can find Cala Fontanelles.

Playa d'Algaiarens

Cala Pilar is a small natural bay that is located in the northwest of the island of Menorca, in the municipality of Ciudadela. It is a wide beach at the foot of a cliff, which makes it shelter. The beach faces north and usually does not have too many visitors because of the difficulty of reaching it.

Cala Pilar

It has a small sandy beach and the seabed of this cove is half sand, half rocky. At one end of the cove there is, in the rocks, an underwater cave, which is a source of fresh water, which can be accessed by diving. In the valley that ends at the beach, there is a remarkable set of prehistoric caves, dug in the ravine: the talayotic necropolis of Cala Morell. It is a vital point to take shelter as it is one of the few entries in a long stretch of coastline with high cliffs and hit by the north wind: the Tramuntana. Another outstanding aspect is the curious fact that each side of the cove belongs to a different geological age. This only occurs on the island of Menorca, since the other Balearic islands belong only to a geological era.

Cala Morell

It is a semi-virgin cove located in the north of the island of Menorca. The cove shelters three beaches in its interior. On its west side is the beach of Pregonda while its eastern end is the beach of Salieró. There is a third beach called Escullar de Pregonda beach, but it is not located on the island of Menorca but on the largest of the islets that the cove closes. The sand, fine and soft, has acquired a certain orange coloration, a consequence of the presence of the pedra vermella or d'esmolar that surrounds the cove.

Cala Pregonda

The Pont d'en Gil is a "hanging" bridge in the middle of the sea in the Ciutadella area. It is a "hole" in the cliffs below which small and medium boats can pass. Next to the Pont d'en Gil there is a submarine cave well known by the divers of the island, called Sa Cigonya. With a depth of about 300 meters. The cave is seen from the sea, but it is only possible to enter it under water.

Pont d'en Gil

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Mapa de las Playas de Menorca

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